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Producer: Vermodje SRL
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A mixed steroid is always beneficial. In order to boost up the body in a proper way, it will be better to use the mixed steroids so that the tensions of buying new sets of steroids to stack up the body can be buried in a proper way. This is how Sustaver works. It is actually a differently marketed name for Sustanon. This steroid is produced by Vermodje SRL.


This has 4 basic components – Testosterone decanoate of 100Mgs, Testosterone isocaproate of 60 Mgs, Testosterone phenylpropionate of 60 Mgs and Testosterone propionate of 30 Mgs. As a total, it stands equal to Sustanon 250.


  • Athletic purpose
  • Boosting up power and the strength
  • Pumping up body with muscles
  • Strength build up in the muscles


As a primarily non-aromatizing substance, Sustaver can boost up the body. However, using it over the period for a long time may increase the dependency and eventually make the body weaker. Boosting the body with anabolic prowess is something that this steroid can do. It can be stacked up with many other steroids as well, like –

  • Winstrol – muscle relief and burning the fat cells
  • Nandrolone – increasing the muscle mass
  • Dihydrotestosterone derived substances – for boosting the body mass more than average

Side effects

  • Generates toxin for liver, so long term use should be avoided
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Steroid dependency
  • Excessive aggression may follow if combined with other anabolic steroids without consulting the experts

It is suggested that the users consume the substance after talking to the experts only so that they can guide with the dosages of the substances in a proper way. They can let the users know how to consume the substance based on their bodybuilding works and status of their physique and their diets, which help them boost the process of physical upbringing.

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