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Taking The Course of Boldenon+Enantat Correctly
Taking The Course of Boldenon+Enantat Correctly
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  • This course is designed for amateur athletes and not for those who are well versed with long term experience in taking drugs.
  • This is an androgen anabolic steroid.
  • Consist of Stronger anabolic effect and mild androgenic steroid with this combination of drugs.

Boldenone converts to estrogen at a lower temperature than testosterone. Athletes are short of protein so this course helps to meet protein requirement. Boldenone provides best results when combined with Enantat.

Best factors

With this combination of drugs, there are many beneficiaries such as-

  • Rapid muscle gain is seen once started with this course
  • Hardening of muscles
  • Lowers water retention in muscles
  • Quick recovery from muscle breaks down while working out
  • Increases erythrocytes in the blood
  • Reduces tiredness while training
  • Improvement of appetite

Crucial factors to consider before buying Boldenone Enantat online

Some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration would be as follows

  • Relieves pain in joints and ligaments due to lack of liquid presence.
  • Improves protein synthesis.
  • Helps your body to withstand power training and improvement of the overall body condition.
  • If your goal is to gain more muscles then add sports nutrition along with this course for better results.


The dosage of the drugs included in this course needs to be taken proportionately. Injections need to be selected for 6 weeks and the average dosage within the period of 7 days is 200 to 600 mg. This is 1 to3 cube.

Noticeable results are seen after 10 days prior to starting this course. Boldenone and Enantat need not be maintained at a certain temperature it won’t deteriorate at room temperature. You can even customize the same dosage for 2 times a week for 1 cube at a time.

Side effects to consider before buying Boldenone Enantat

When dosages are maintained properly according to your needs, you would not experience any side effects and also you will gain extreme muscle mass with positive results.

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