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Model: tamoxifen 1 tab/20 mg
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20 Tablets

Tamoximed belongs to the anti-estrogenic drug. It is listed as one of the popular and most preferred medicament nowadays. Some of its basics include-

  • Each tablet contains 20mg constituents
  • It is a Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova) product
  • Its molecular formula is ‎C26H29NO
  • It blocks estrogen from overproduction in the body

The properties of Tamoximed make a vital drug for treating abnormal increase of breast tissues by decreasing the level of estrogen concentration in the body.

Best Factors

Many users prefer buying the said product because of its specific properties that include-

  • It does not aromatize
  • It avoids water retention in the body
  • It has an auxiliary effect on body fat to burn them

It is really an important drug for bodybuilders and athletes. They stack it with anabolic substance and consume to enhance the performance. In this way, it helps in improving the physical strength, build excellent muscles and keep a balance of body estrogen level. Reports also suggest that users can gain fast weight loss because of fat reduction.

Crucial factors to consider before you buy Tamoximed online

There are a lot of individuals prefer buying the said product. If it is in your list, you need to choose authentic seller like us and place your order now. Considering the price of the product, you have to pay a greater amount than common medicines because of its effectiveness.


  • 10mg – 30mg per day

In most of the cases, it has been noticed that experts suggest 20mg dosage per day. However, it depends on the physical condition of the users. So, have a consult with the physician.

Negative-effects to consider for Tamoximed

Never exceed the dosage in any case or it would lead to problems such as headaches or vomiting. Not to mention, it is surely avoidable when you follow the guidance of experts. It is the ideal way to keep your body healthy and active.

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