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  • It has a strong anabolic and androgen effect
  • It is one of those steroids which will give you a remarkable fast outcome
  • It has a long time positive effect on the human body
  • The main ingredients of this steroid are testosterone cypionate, stanozolol and methandienone

Important factors

  • The main reason for the popularity of this steroid is because it helps to get quick muscle mass and it will also help the athlete to increase the strength. Not only this, it will help to improve the functions of the body.
  • Another important thing about this steroid is that the effect of this steroid can last for 2 weeks that means 14 to 16 days and undoubtedly this is something huge. In this way, many athletes can free themselves from frequent injections.


  • It will help you to get fast muscle growth
  • If you can take this steroid in a proper way, then you can experience the amount of increasing strength
  • It will help you to get a significant increase in general tone
  • It will help you to grow the desire for training. On other word, it can help you to change your mood
  • It can play a major role in order to strengthen the immune system
  • This steroid can really help to reduce the pain such as joint pain, back pain
  • It will help to strengthen bone and overall bone density

Side effects

If you are unable to follow the rules of consuming it, then you may face some serious problems such as

  • Acne
  • Loss of hair in the head
  • The growth of hair in the body and face
  • Rashes

In order to minimize the chances of side effect, you need to buy the authentic one from a reputable store


  • This course needs to last for 8 weeks

As there are two main components, hence the amount of dosage will be

  • Testosterone cypionate- 500 mg per week
  • stanozolol – 30 mg per day
  • methandienone- 30 mg per day

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