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Testosterone Depot (enanthate), Bayer Schering Pharma

Testosterone Depot (enanthate)
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Testosterone Depot, popularly known as Delatestryl is an Androgenic Anabolic Steroid (AAS), used primarily for cure of low testosterone level amongst men. It has gained popularity for hormone therapy amongst transgender men as well. It was developed somewhere around 1950s due to its medicinal properties.

Best Factors

Testosterone Depot has direct effect on muscle mass and strength. However, just like its other counterparts it gets aromatized within human body and creates unwarranted effects like development of make breasts, water retention and muscle swelling. However, this can be controlled through timely consumption of Proviron or Anastrozole along with given course. Thumb Rule says, start aromatase inhibitors after 15 days of starting given course and continue till completion.

Professionals often boost about improved nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism, experienced during given dosage. Further, it has significant medicinal properties as it cures joint pain and improves Red blood Cells in blood, thus fighting anemia.

Crucial factors to consider before buy Testosterone Depot online

It is defined as controlled and restricted drug in many countries and it cannot be manufactured or sold in legal way like ways. Hence, one must be sure about its genuineness and authenticity when purchasing to avoid duplicate or fake products.


It is available in injection or syringe form and is injected on an average two to four times per week, depending upon body condition and recommendation as well as diagnosis by Medical Professionals and Scholars.

Side effects to consider before buying Testosterone Depot

Testosterone Depot is no exception when it comes to side effects. Users often compliant of acne, voice changes, increased sexual desire, voice modulation amongst other, after few days of consumption. These adverse effects must be considered and monitored on a serious note and if conditions get serious, immediate medical intervention is recommended.

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