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Testosterone Depot (propionate)
Testosterone Depot (propionate)
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10 ampoules


  • Manufacturers – Bayer Schering Parma
  • Category – injectble steroids
  • Model – 1 ml/ 100mg

Testosterone depot is an anabolic steroid by the Bayer Schering pharmacy company. It is consider one of the most powerful steroids for muscle building and drying. It can be used by both the beginners as well as the professional athletes gain muscle mass and get endogenous levels of the hormone. This can turn you into an alpha male and also increase confidence.

Best factors and advantages of testosterone Depot

The anabolic and androgenic activity of this steroid is 100 %, aromatization is also very high and it is non toxic to the liver as well. By using this drug the athletes not only observe the change in their physical fitness but also visualise it. The other characteristics of this drug are –

  • It changes the nitrogen balance in the positive direction, which contributes to hypertrophy
  • Increase the strength indicators
  • Accelerates the recovery and muscle hyperplasia
  • Improves mood and motivation
  • Protect the blood vessels and heart
  • It increase the appetite

How to take testosterone depot

There are many possible combination by which you can take this drug such as you can take with it nandrolone, boldenum,   methendienone and many other steroids.

  • Testosterone + Trenbolone – Take testosterone 500mg for 7 weeks
  • Take trenbolone 200 mg for 6 weeks
  • To avoid side effect PCT is recommended

It is highly recommend consulting a doctor or physician before taking this steroid, the doctor will provide the right prescription and dose according to your body and health.


You can buy it from any offline or online medical stores, but purchasing it online will be better because you will not only save money and time bit also get the fresh and quality product.

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