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Testosterone Enanthate is well known Androgenic Anabolic Steroid (AAS) for creation of well-toned body and improving endurance, mass and strength. An interesting factor is that it boosts internal desire to exercise or work out. It was originally developed somewhere in 1950s in United States of America. It possess substantial or vital medicinal properties. It is widely used for treatment of breast cancer, hormone replacement theory and improve growth in adolescents.

Best Factors

Testosterone Enanthate is widely accepted and recommended by amateurs as well as professionals for its sheer ability to improve volume, mass and density. Its lubricating feature acts as feather in cap for treatment of joint pains. Its main agenda is to increase testosterone in blood vessels. This factor is responsible for inducing body builders to exercise beyond their natural limits.

Crucial factors to consider before buy TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE ABURAIHAN online


It is difficult to freeze ideal dosage as it is dependent on host of factors such as objective, present conditions and initial response of body. However, an average dosage ranges somewhere around 250-500 mg per week with an average tenor of four to eight weeks.

Professionals who have tried and tested given steroid sometime stretch up to 750-1000 mg per week, however same is done with expert medical opinion. Further, when consuming Testosterone Enanthate in such high quantity, it should not be stacked i.e. consumed solo.

Further, for amateurs or body builders with no steroid history should not even jump at 250-500 mgs per week, body may not be ready for such dosage. Their ideal dosage should be strictly consulted.

Side effects to consider before buying TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE ABURAIHAN

Side effects are an integral part of any steroid or drug, whether consumed alone or stacked with other drugs. Acne, Baldness, Acidity and increase in facial hair and body hair are some of the common side effects.

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