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Testosterone Propionate, Malay Tiger (Malaysia)

Testosterone Propionate
Model: testosterone propionate 100mg/ 1ml
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10 ampoules


  • Testosterone-Propionateis aBritish Dragon made product.
  • Available in the form of injectable liquid in 10ml. vial
  • Water retention – moderate
  • Hepatotoxicity – low
  • It is aromatase inhibitor
  • Detection can be for up to 14 days

Testosterone-Propionate is an androgenic anabolic steroid which is similar in structure to the male sex hormone testosterone but much more powerful in its muscle building and performance enhancing effects. It is a fast acting steroid and is used by athletes or body builders to increase muscle size and bulk up in a relatively short time.

Best factors

The primary benefits of Testosterone-Propionateis–

  1. Increases muscle size
  2. Improves performance
  3. Enhance muscle strength and stamina
  4. Shorten recovery period
  5. Burns fat and increases the muscle density

Crucial factorsto consider before buying Testosterone-Propionateonline

  1. Enhance muscle mass
  2. Increase strength and endurance
  3. Burn excess fat
  4. Benefits within short time span

Testosterone-Propionatecan be used alone or in combination with other steroids particularly other testosterone esters that release the hormone over a longer period of time. It is especially beneficial for beginners as it is easy to use and provides benefits quickly.


  • 250-500mg per week for 2 weeks
  • Should not exceed dosage of 800mg. per week
  • It has a fast absorption rate and is used up quickly

Testosterone-Propionatecan be used in combination with Nandrolone at a dosage of 200 mg. per week of each drug. It should be accompanied with Tamoxifen and Proviron to counter the estrogenic effects and for normalization of Testosterone levels.

Side effects to consider before buying Testosterone-Propionate

  • Virilization – symptoms of masculinization like acne
  • Hair loss
  • Allergic reaction
  • Headache and nausea
  • Increased sexual desire and aggression

Testosterone-Propionatehelps young athletes to bulk up and gain confidence fast. It results in gaining huge muscle mass and improved performance, stamina and endurance.

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