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Trenaver Acetat, Vermodje SRL

Trenaver Acetat
Producer: Vermodje SRL
Model: 10 ml/100 mg
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Trenaver Acetat can be considered as a powerful, effective anabolic steroid that has been created by the pharmaceutical company Vermodje SRL.  It contains a high concentration of active trenbolone acetate, the ester-attached formation of the anabolic steroid testosterone, with which the acetate ester has been attached.

Why Use It

It allows people to achieve significant power gain and is used both for the recruitment and drying of the general muscle mass. The drug gets effective on the stimulation of the production of somatotropin and insulin, which has a very positive effect on the dynamics of metabolism in discharges and mass gaining.

Previous use

Trenaver Acetat or Trenaver A was used in veterinary procedures - it was injected into livestock to correct the dynamics of feed intake, improve appetite and weight correction in general.

Usage in sports

As often happens, with its excellent performance, the drug attracted the attention of representatives of different sports. The reasons are pointed below –

  • Trenaver A has an excellent dynamics of progestagenic activity
  • The substance is a synthetic modification of nandrolone, improvised by the addition of acetate ether molecules, which can be considered as ester formations of testosterone after adding with prime male hormone testosterone
  • In the shortest time, it provides a complex effect, increasing the athletic performance of the user’s body
  • It does not aromatise

Consideration for using the substance

Trenaver A or Trenaver Acetate has proven itself in bodybuilding and power-lifting sports. This has been made it popular around the world, among the athletes and amateurs of different levels.

Positive side effects – increased libido, lowering of the level of cortisol, which contributes to raising the general tone of the body and a positive feeling during the reception time.

Application benefits

Trenaver A can boast simply huge androgenic and anabolic dynamics, exceeding similar testosterone values by 2-4 times. The effect of a single dose lasts up to three days, which reduces the number of injections and maintains a high level of the hormone in the blood.

Application of Trenaver Acetate

Trenaver A is an intramuscular steroid, where injections are carried out in the buttocks area, in an amount of 50 to 100 milligrams, for every 48 hours. The drug is contraindicated in women, as it works with male metabolism and hormonal background. 

This drug is one of the most effective metabolic modifiers and body mass correctors. The increase in strength is quite pleasant side effects, as well as the lack of aromatization in estrogen and non-toxicity for the liver makes this substance highly sought-after and popular.

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