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Trenaver Enantat
Trenaver Enantat
Producer: Vermodje SRL
Model: 10 ml/200mg
Availability: In stock


With the addition of the enanthate ester, it will be better to mention that the effect of Trenaver Enantat will be perfect on the body of the users. This is a basic factor that the people consider ideal for boosting up the body. The enanthate ester attached to the substance can boost up the body because it slows down the release of the hormone in the body, which is essential to hold the key to maintain a strong body over the period. Muscle boost up and physical strength build up are the processes which will eventually follow after the use of this effective anabolic androgenic testosterone derived steroid.


  • Strong anabolic but lesser androgenic
  • Used in heavy sports for strong anabolic activities
  • Helps stimulate growth and muscle prowess
  • Frees the body from water and subcutaneous fat
  • Better protein synthesis in the muscles
  • Increases strength and focus points


  • Main benefit is that this steroid increases strength
  • Provides insulin like growth
  • HGH stimulation in the muscular developments, which may happen naturally after injecting Trenaver Enantat
  • No aromatization
  • Proper increase in the strength indicators
  • Concentration in the muscle growth like factors
  • Burning of extra fat in the body to convert them into lean muscles and the extract from the burning inside the body will help the body increase HGH production
  • Increases libido and protein synthesis in the body and muscles

Side effects

  • Basic anabolic side effects like hair loss
  • Aggression
  • Addiction to the steroid
  • Decrease of natural testosterone

Best dosages

The best dosages should be taken after consulting with the experts. It will be ideal if the bonding with the experts remains unscathed for a long period.

  • It is non-toxic for liver
  • It may be taken for 4 to 5 months at a stretch for bodybuilding

It will be better for bodybuilding but getting addicted to the substance is something that people should try to avoid as promptly as possible. It can happen only after a proper PCT cycle after the end of the steroid dosages over the period.

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