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Trenbolone + Testosterone cypionate, Course of steroids

Trenbolone + Testosterone cypionate
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  • Produced by course of steroids
  • Shows very less atomization effect
  • Fluid retention: none
  • Course duration: 5 weeks

This course includes the consumption of two different steroid experts in their respective fields. One of its components, Trenbolone enanthate is ether which has decayed for a long time. Testosterone Cypionate has somewhat more bright effects. Along with these, anastrozole and clomid drugs are also required in the course.

Best factors

  • Increases strength, power and endurance manifolds
  • Burns and dries fat muscles
  • Increases muscle volume by 3-4 kg
  • Collects muscles mass
  • Reliefs musculature

Crucial things to be considered before buying Trenbolone+Testosterone Cypionate online

  • The course is designed for beginners.
  • The price of Trenbolone enanthate is somewhat costly.

Proper nutrition intake and training are required in order to notice an effective result.


The drug, Trenbolone enanthate is doped in on an average of 400 my or 2 ml per week.

The proper dosage of Testosterone Cypionate is necessary. A drug works as per the amount of dose of it taken in. If it is taken in the right amount, it acts positively otherwise negatively. It is doped in the same way as you have seen in the Trenbolone enanthate doping.

During the course, some female hormones get introduced and they start increasing subsequently. To reduce these harms, another drug anastrozole is taken simultaneously.

After 2 or 3 weeks from the completion of this course, one more drug, that is clomid must be introduced. 1 tablet should be taken per day and this procedure must continue for the upcoming 20 days.

Hence, 10 ml each of the main drugs, which are Trenbolone enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate and 20 tablets each of anastrozole and clomid forms the total dosage structure.

Side effects

The course of Trenbolone+Testosterone Cypionate is excessively beneficial for the athletes. No serious side effects are noticed yet.

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