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TRENOGED-E, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: 10 ml/200mg
Availability: In stock


Trenoged-E is an amateur drug in given family of vintage members, major component of which is trenboloneenanthate. It has been developed with body builders and athletes as end users. It has positive impact over weight increment and reducing fat layer.

Manufactured and controlled by Golden Dragon Pharmaceutical, they have recently introduced security system from counterfeits to detect false or duplicate product. Main object is supplying of quality and authentic product to end users.

Best Factors

Trenoged-E shows result till 10-14 days and hence is not required for daily introduction in body. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • Increased Insulin
  • Increased Libido
  • Strength Increment
  • Muscle Mass gain
  • Fat reduction

Crucial factors to consider before buy TRENOGED-Eonline

Athletes who have tried and tested history with steroids should proceed with Trenhoged-E. Amateurs with nil steroid experience should restrict themselves for immediate usage.


Professionals generally advise stacking of Trenoged with suitable counterparts like stanozolol or testosterone esters. Deciding of optimum dosage and course is majorly dependent on existing state of affairs and goal to be achieved.

One of the most popular stack and their ideal dosage is trenoged –E at 200 mg per week, turinabol at 40 mg per day and propionate at 100 mg every two day. Average duration lasts for eight week. Post Course Therapy is an integral part of given stack, recommended being Clomiphene Citrate, starting from 150 mg for first week, then 100 mg for next week and 50 mg for third week.

Side effects to consider before buying TRENOGED-E

Amateurs must be cautious about expected side effects from consuming Trenoged-E. Side effects are an integral part of any steroid and cannot be completely done away with. Users often complaint about acne, baldness and voice modulation, after regular intake of Trenoged-E. Pills must be complemented with healthy diet and proper sleep to maximize benefits and minimize negativities.

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