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Model: Trenbolone mix
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Tri Tren is a substance manufactured by Germany based Geber Pharmaceuticals. This is a strong steroid that can boost the body in a proper way. This is Trenbolone mix. One can find various Trenbolone Mix in Tri Tren. Mostly, Trenbolone mix 200 can be found in this steroid. It is considered as a powerful steroid that can surpass even the testosterone mix steroids.

Model mix

There are three steroids mixed in this single version of mix steroids. They are – hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, enanthate and acetate versions of Trenbolone. It is better to mention that Trenbolone itself is a DHT derived steroid.

Working process

Tri-Tren increases the anabolic effects on the body. At the same time, it can boost up the body in a proper way. In order to boost the body properly, it will be better to inject this anabolic androgenic substance that has the capability to alter all kinds of actions in the body. It can boost the body with strong muscles. The actions of the steroid begin in 10 to12 days of taking the injection. Over the period, the users will experience a static increase of the muscle density.

Active substance

The active substance in the anabolic-androgenic mix Tri-Tren is 200mg per ML. That means, with every injection the component Trenbolone mix will be mixed in the blood as 200mg per ML.


  • Huge increase in the dry muscles
  • Building up the muscle strength
  • Fat burning or converting the fat into the lean muscles
  • Easy recovery
  • Works better with growth hormones
  • Prevents the hormonal outbreaks


  • Once in a week as 200mg
  • Can be combined with testosterone enanthate 150 to 250Mg every week
  • Maximum dosage is 600Mgs per week
  • For drying up the body, the steroid can be combined with Stanozolol

It is suggested that after the steroid cycle is over, people should better use the PCT cycle steroids over the period to boost up the body and get back to the normal form.

Side effects

  • Progesterone increase in the body
  • Natural testosterone suppression
  • Hair loss

PCT should be used to normalize fertility and the testicular functions of the male body. It will be better to talk to the experts and use the substance properly.

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