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Turanabol + Boldenon + Enanthate+ Propionate, Course of steroids

Turanabol + Boldenon + Enanthate+ Propionate
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  • Produced by steroids of course
  • Generally recommended for experienced athletes
  • Course duration: 8 weeks

As the name suggests, this drug is a combo of 4 different steroids. Turanabol is an oral steroid which should be taken by the athlete on a regular basis while Boldenon is an injection type steroid. The other two, testosterone enanthate and testosterone proponate are anabolic steroid injections.

Best factors

This drug is highly recommended because of it-

  • Minimizes fluid retention
  • Keeps your body away from side effects
  • Able to maximize your weight by 5-8 kg
  • Elaborates strength
  • Decreases stress
  • Supports muscle growth

Crucial factors to be considered before buying Turanabol+ Boldenon+ Enanthate+ Propinate online

This drug is recommended for professionals as for the muscle building of beginners, Turanabol alone can serve for the same effect.

  • For best results, you have to have an adequate diet.
  • You must avoid a huge amount of carbohydrates.
  • Generally, Boldenon is injected into gluteus muscles.
  • Baldenon is injected intramuscularly and not intravenously.
  • You should have sports nutrition in your diet in order to get better results.


This course is composed of four types of individual steroids as there are vivid ways to take them into your body.

For Turanabol: for the first week, the number of tablets to be taken in a day is 2. For rest of the weeks, 3 tablets per day consumption is recommended.

For Boldenon: an injection injected intramuscularly.

For Testosterone enanthate: this oily steroid should be injected along with Boldenon.

For Testosterone propionate: this should be taken after the completion of the course.

Side Effects

This admission course is itself a side effect remover due to the steroids with which it is composed. It reduces fluid retention to an impressive amount. Only the thing you should be careful about is that the dosage should be right.

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