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Turanabol + Boldenone 
Turanabol + Boldenone 
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  • Turanabol is similar to methane in the structure, but the slight difference is that the turinabol has a single additional chlorine atom.
  • the It provides best results with proper control
  • It slightly suppresses the testosterone hormone about 20-30%

Basically, this is the proven combination for beginners to obtain muscle mass, strength, endurance and body shape, the obtained muscles are qualitative in nature and it has very minimal side effects. The turinabol doesn't fill the muscles with water, In contrast to methane, Turanabol makes you to gain the dry muscles, at the end of the cycle.

Best factors

The best-known fact of this combination is, it maintains the production of testosterone level in the body. It increases muscle mass gain about 2-5kg. Basically, turanabol is used for muscle cutting with the combination of boldenone to obtain mass results with minimal side effects.

  1. Muscle gain
  2. Doesn't aromatize
  3. No need for additional anti-estrogens

Crucial factors to consider before buy

  1. It is considered as a great anabolic steroid for startup user
  2. Oral-Turinabol regenerates the central nervous system
  3. Turinabol has a much protein-anabolic effect
  4. Side effects are very rarely reported in both Male as well as Female


  • The dose of 20-50 mg per day in three divided doses (every6-8hrs) is recommended
  • 100-150 mg per day can be used by Professional body builders depending on the workouts.
  • Course cycle is about 6-8weeks

The course cycle should be followed with a strict diet and prior health condition.

Side effects to consider before buying

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Male-baldness

It is the best combination to boost up body for beginners, with minimal or zero side effects. The positive effect of this combination can be seen quickly and the results will be undeniably impressive.

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