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Turanabol oral + Propionate, Course of steroids

Turanabol oral + Propionate
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Even though Turanabol is a known injectable anabolic steroid, the oral version of Turanabol is available as Turanabol oral+Propionate, which is a better and powerful composition. The yellow-colored pills can boost up the body, as they are anabolic substances. It has strong anabolic-androgenic activities. The metabolism of this oral steroid takes place in the liver of the humans. Any bodybuilder, power-lifter and other people, who are suffering from muscle wasting diseases, can also use the substance to boost the body. It is ten times stronger than the basic male-hormone testosterone.


  • This steroid can boost up protein metabolism
  • It can help the body in building up strong muscles
  • It does not aromatize, as the androgenicity of the steroid is comparatively lower than it is found in the basic male hormone testosterone

Positive effects

  • The substance can burn the fat and convert them into lean muscles to strengthen the body
  • The water-withdrawal or water retention capacity of this steroid is comparatively lower than other anabolic-androgenic steroids
  • It can build up dry muscles and make the body more rigid and strong
  • It can help heal cracks and the muscle strains in the body properly

Negative effects

This steroid does not have any negative effect but overuse of the steroid may initiate a little bit aromatizing problems and the users should be careful about it.

Special Notification

Turanabol oral + propionate is a specific mix and an alteration of the injectable Turanabol. However, it is better to note that it is more powerful than the common Turanabol due to the attachment of propionate ester. This is why it can properly burn fat and process the energy levels in a better way. It can also build up dry and dense muscles due to this kind of alteration.


Turanabol+Propionate mix is usually suggested for increasing mass and strength over the period. It is aimed for protein metabolism in the body in a proper way. It can help the body gain dry muscle mass over the period. The normal dosage usually starts with 1 tablet per day. When that would be easily absorbed by the body, in order to get better results, it will be ideal to talk to the experts before consuming the higher dosages. The significant dosage will be 3 tablets in a week. In the upcoming weeks, like in 2-3 and 4th weeks 4 tablets should be consumed. Since the 5th week the dosage would be reduced to 3 tablets and in the 6th week it will be 2 tablets in a day.


This is a potent steroid and the beginners and even the professional bodybuilders can use this steroid during their cutting cycles. It does not pose any potential threat. However, prior to use Turinabol+Propionate oral dosage, it will be better to talk to the experts so that they can figure out and suggest how an experienced individual, who is keen to boost up the body, should use the substance to boost up their muscles in a proper way.

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