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Turanabol + Oxandrolone
Turanabol + Oxandrolone
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The combination of turanabol and oxandrolone won’t produce the much stronger effect but it is an effective course when you want to begin your journey. It is well-suited for bodybuilders, athletes, sportsperson and fitness enthusiasts. It is because of its mild effectiveness, beginners often choose it over any other types of combination.

Best Factors

  • Get gradual increase of muscles
  • Enhance physical strength and endurance
  • Build up muscle mass without fluid retention

With an additional intake of healthy diets, you can enhance your performance. It also helps in muscle preservation and produces up to 5kg mass in 5 weeks. Considering the recovery rate, it helps in rapid healing and recovery from hard training/ workouts.

Crucial factors to consider before you buy it

Purchasing steroids online is the ideal way to get it online. In case you don’t want to share your details with anyone, you can ask to keep it confidential. However, no details are shared with anyone and it is visible to the users when they comment below.


Initially, it is asked to consume turanabol and oxandrolone for 5 weeks. The dosage would be-

  • For turanabol – it is asked to start with 20mg – 80mg per day
  • For oxandrolone – it is asked to consume 40 – 60 mg per day

Note that dosage could vary for users depending on their present condition. It is advised to ask the expert and ensure that you consume the right amount of dosage for bodybuilding.

Side-effects to consider before buying

As of now, there are no potential side-effects have been noticed yet. It is thus safe to consume the combination within the respective amount.

Suppose anyone increases the dosage without having a talk with an expert, it may lead to headaches, vomiting and other problems. So, you need to follow the recommended dosage as per the guidance of physician and consult for any unnatural changes that you notice in body.

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