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Turanabol + Testosterone cypionate
Turanabol + Testosterone cypionate
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  • Manufacturer-Course of steroid
  • Category-Oral Steroid

Turanabol + Testesterone Cypionate are a steroid useful for increasing the strength and muscle mass in beginner athletes. It reduces the feeling of fatigue in the body and helpful in quality training.

Best factors

Cypionate is the long ether and exerts its effect for a longer duration. Its effect on muscle mass can be noticeable very well.  Average of 7 kg gain in mass can be noticed after the duration of the course. The other benefits are-

  1. Increased strength and stamina by 35%
  2. Rapid recovery after weight training
  3. Increased libido on the course

Minimum fluid retention for joint lubrication

Crucial factors to consider before by Turanabol + Testesterone Cypionate online

  • No toxic effects
  • No strain and marks in muscle
  • Consultation with sports nutritionists

This drug can cause some additional aggression but do not interfere with any side effects or harm the body


  • Coerce duration-5 weeks(maximum)
  • Tablet is taken everyday
  • 3 tablets per day for first 3 weeks and 4 per day for next 3 weeks
  • Cypionate is to be injected 2 times a week
  • Injection routine is from mon – thru or tue – fri

This course include the Turbunol 100 tablets + Proviron 20 +clomid 20 tablets.

Side effects to consider before buy

  1. Additional aggression in athlete
  2. Heaviness in body

However, these effects could be avoided when you consume the product at the right amount on regular basis. In case you forget to consume it any day, you must follow the exact dosage and never plan to double dose the product to compensate for the loss.

You must know that it is very good sports nutrition course to gain muscle and stamina. Just use it for 5 weeks and the results will be positive.

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