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Turanabol + Testosterone Propionate
Turanabol + Testosterone Propionate
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The combination of oral Turanabol and injectable Propionate helps the body builders to gain muscles drastically and rapidly. The combination also helps in increasing protein metabolism and helps in maintaining good fitness by burning out excessive fat in the body.

It is an anabolic steroid which contains the substance chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. It is an upgraded version of Methandrostenolone. Turanabol provides better results than Dianabol because of the combination of Methane and Clostebol. It is not possible to convert androgens into estrogen even there is small change happened in the chemical structure. So, it is considered as the safest drug for bodybuilders. Propionate is an androgenic steroid used for the treatment of low levels of testosterone in men.

Best Factors

The combination of Turanabol and Propionate is so productive. Some of the benefits of taking this course are mentioned below:

It burns excessive fat and converts them into energy. Water retention from the body Helps to gain dry and rigid muscles

Crucial factors to consider before you buy Turanabol Oral Propionate online

Turanabol is a competitive steroid with multifunctional and effective anabolic properties. This makes the significant steroid for the bodybuilders by helping them to gain dry and good muscles without any much risk.

Lesser aromatization effects No need to worry about risk factor like gynecomastia Heals cracks and other injuries rapidly


Propionate amount needed to this course is 21 ampoules. Each ampoule contains 1 ml of drug. The average duration of the course is 6 weeks with 140-tab consumption. Need to take 3 oral Turanabol a day in first week and in the next 2-3-4 weeks, need to consume 4 tabs a day. In the 5th week reduce consumption by taking 3 tabs a day and in the 6th week consume 2 tabs a day.

Side-effects to consider before buying Turanabol Oral Propionate

Women may experience virilization because of prolonged use. High dose may increase liver values.

It is advised to keep in touch with an expert and enjoy your bodybuilding journey.

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