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Turinover + Boldever, Course of steroids

Turinover + Boldever
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Produced by Course of steroids Course duration- 5 weeks Recommended for primary and secondary level athletes

Turinover, 4-Chlordehydromethyltestosterone, is an oral steroid, taken in the form of tablets, renowned for muscle building, strengthening the physics and endurance. It is Boldenone Undecylenate steroid. It utilized in the form of injections and functions the same as Turinover.

Best Factors

This drug is a combination of two steroids namely Turinover and Boldever. Both the drugs amplify the effect of each other. It is an amazing composition of oral and injection steroid to make an athlete’s body stronger.

Effective in strengthening endurance and physics Builds solid muscles Removes fatty and dry muscles. Adds 3-5 kg musculature to a healthy person’s body

Crucial factors to consider before you buy Turinover Boldever online

According to the reports, it could build solid muscles and motivates the athletes for further training. It does not aromatization and not inclined to detain the liquid. It also increases appetite of the users.  Consumption of healthy diets is recommended.


Tablets of Turinover should be taken in the following sequence

1st week- 2 tablets/day

2nd week- 3 tablets/day

3rd week- 4 tablets/day

4th week- 3 tablets/day

5th week- 2 tablets/day

Injections of Boldever to be injected as: 1 ml of dosage two times a week on adjacent days ( for example- Monday-Tuesday, Friday-Saturday). After the completion of the course, 1 tablet/day of another drug, Clomid should be taken till 20 days.

Overall course: Turnover (100 tablets)+ Boldever (10 ml)+ Clomid (20 tablets)

Side-effects to consider before buying Turinover Boldever

There are no side effects of this drug It is completely free from side effects It is not a pain-causing steroid injection

Altogether, it is an effective drug to be consumed by the athletes in order to increase their strength and muscles without harming their body as it is free from every sort of side effects.

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