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Turinover + Sustaver 250, Course of steroids

Turinover + Sustaver 250
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Anybody looking at increasing the overall musculature and measure of physical strength without fluid retention, the phenomenon of aromatization, negative health effects and is a beginner in sports, and this is first steroid course, then if one takes original drugs in medium dosages, they can count on burning excess fat.

Best factors

  • Getting rid of excess fat
  • Correction of the body
  • Qualitative and rapid buildup of muscles
  • Leveling phenomenon of aromatization

Crucial factors to consider before buy it online

Choosing a course for the mass of Turinover + Sustaver 250, every athlete should know that the emphasis in it is still being made on a constant increase in the coefficient of physical strength.


The recommended duration of the course is no more than 5 weeks. Oral Turinover should be taken 2 tablets/ day in the first week, 3 tablets/ day in the second week, 4 tablets/day in third week. This is gradually reduced to 3 tablets during fourth week and 2 tablets/ day in the fifth week.

As for Sustaver 250, it is better to use it on the same days, for example, selecting Monday and Thursday. The dosage is 1 ml for each time. The weekly dosage amount of Sustaver 250 should be 2 ml (twice in total). After finishing the course, it is advised to go with PCT drug.

The course includes: Turinover - 100 tab. + Sustaver 250 - 10 ml. + Clomid - 20 tablets.

Side effects to consider before buying the said product


  • acne
  • gastrointestinal pain

Sustaver 250

  • aggressiveness
  • reduced production of the body's own hormones

In the case of competent reception, the athlete's body will not be harmed. And the result will be presentable relief, excellent well-being, an increase in the indicator of strength and readiness to conduct effective training.

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