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V-Tada Super
V-Tada Super
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  • V-Tada Super is a product manufactured by ViproLifescience
  • Packaging constitutes of blisters of 10 tablets
  • Clearance period of the steroid is more than 48 hours
  • It is a non-aromatase substance
  • Water retention – none
  • Hepatotoxicity – none
  • It remains undetected after flushing out with water

Basic substance for V-Tada Super is Tadalafil. It is an improved version of the generic Cialis and enhances sexual power and stamina in men who may face flaccid erections.It enhances blood flow to the penile chambers which enhances smooth muscle relaxation and blood vessel dilation causing prolonged erections.

Best factors

V-Tada Super is composed of Tadalafil and is a more effective version of the drug. The enhancement of the chemical structure increases the potency of the drug to be more effective and increase blood flow for having long-lasting erections.

V-Tada Super can be usedfor –

  1. Prolonged erections
  2. Improved ejaculations
  3. Enhances sexual intimacy

Crucial factors to consider before buyV-Tada Super online

  1. Lesser androgenic effects
  2. Enhances blood circulation
  3. Increases duration of sexual intercourse
  4. No risk of gynecomastia
  5. Improves libido and stamina

V-Tada Super improves sexual health and restores performance and stamina. It improves potency and quality of intimacy with your partner. It enhances blood circulation to the genital areas and causes erection of the smooth muscles. It enhances sexual desire and libido and prevents premature ejaculation so you can have long lasting erections.


  • 20mg for common users
  • Heavier dosages may cause adverse effects
  • It should be taken with a lot of water or non-alcoholic fluids
  • It is not recommended to take more than one tablet in 2 days

The course of the dosages should last as long as the doctor’s recommendation

Side effects to consider before buying V-Tada Super

  • Redness of face
  • Pain in the lumbar region
  • Unstable angina and hypertension
  • Increase incidences of stomach ulcer
  • Not recommended with people for the cardiovascular disease

V-Tada Super is an improved product based on Tadalafil which helps to enhance the time of erections and provide you with long lasting erections so you can indulge in enhanced sexual intimacy and prevent premature ejaculation. It helps to improve blood flow to the penile chambers and enhance smooth muscle relaxation and blood vessel dilation causing improved erections.

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