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Winstrol + Boldenon, Course of steroids

Winstrol + Boldenon
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  • Produced by steroid of course
  • Specially manufactured for those who avoid oral steroids
  • Course duration: 5 weeks

For those who think that injections are ideal for doping, this drug is perfect. In this admission course, the athlete is subjected to two drugs simultaneously which are Winstrol and Boldenon. These two steroids increase the effect of each other which results in less consumption of steroids individually.

Best factors

  • Reduces side effects
  • Develops sufficiently dry musculature by removing excess of fluid from muscle fibre
  • Burns fat
  • Increase appetite

Crucial things to be considered before buying winstrol boldenon online

If you want to avoid excessive drying, you should take into consideration the nutrition and diet which you are going to add to your daily routine.

  • For this course, the correctness of diet and training is of vital importance.
  • The details about the dosage are given considering an average athlete. If your weight is above or below the mentioned range then you will have to consult a doctor for the dosage details.
  • Boldenon is better to be injected in the gluteus muscle.
  • Both the steroids are injected intramuscularly.


For an average athlete, that is 80-85 kg weighted athlete, the dosage structure is given as follows:

For Boldenon: this intramuscular oily steroid should be injected into the athlete's body 2 times a week. The days of injection should be Monday and Thursday. 1 ml of dosage must enter during each injection.

For Winsterol: alike Boldenon, Winsterol is injected two times a week on Tuesday and Friday. Each injection should be of 1 ml.

For Clomid: clomid is a drug taken after the completion of courses. In this course of Boldenon and Winsterol, Clomid intake should be for about 20 days, one tablet each day.

Side effects

Boldenon has no negative effects and the course as a whole provides a restriction to it.

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