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Winstrol Desma
Winstrol Desma
Producer: Desma Spain
Model: 50 mg
Availability: In stock


10 ampoules


  • Manufacturers – Desma Spain
  • Category – Inject able steroids
  • Model – 50 mg

Winstrol desma is one of the best anabolic steroid used by the bodybuilders and power lifters. It was discovered in 1960s and became very popular around the world. It mainly helps in improving the strength and endurance in the body. This drug is also an anti-progestagenic.

Best factors

The winstrol desma dipot is consisting of the active substance stanzolol. It was earlier prescribed for the treatments of anaemia, protein synthesis and regenerative processes in the body after the surgery. Today it is highly in the demand in sports practises. The characteristics and benefits of using it are-

  • Increase the strength and endurance in the body
  • Helps in the rapid growth of muscle fascia
  • Increased libido
  • Provide the quality training and workout
  • Helps in the fat burning
  • No effect on liver at all

Points to keep in mind before buy winstrol desma

  • Consult with an specialist doctor about your problem
  • Check the originality of the seller
  • Consider your medical history
  • Do not buy it if you are pregnant


  • The dosage should be according to the prescription only
  • Daily dosage – 50 mg
  • Course duration – 7-12 days
  • For boxers and professional bodybuilders – 20 mg daily

The women can also use this steroid for their bodybuilding sport; it contains male hormones testosterone which will equally help them in the growth of muscle mass and dry muscles.

How to buy

 Desma winstrol depot is a very beneficial steroid for both men and women in the process of muscle growth and strength. You can easily by winstrol at any sports nutrition store but it will be better for you to buy it from the online market. By purchasing online you will get the 100% original product at a very impressive price.

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